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Comfort & Design to relax
in the Shuhul Resorts.

Enjoy the each day with us.

We never hesitate in our support, and we never lose sight of our main mission: serving our clients. Our job is to always make it easy for clients to do business with us and strive not only to meet their needs but also to exceed their expectations.

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Excellent service.
As important as strategy is, we have to execute to win. Execution involves every employee and every relation we have with customers. We must operate quickly on problems, drive results, not just activities.
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Comfortable Beds
Only live communication and scrupulous study of the nuances of the task.
Veg / Non cuisine
We support programs that create advancement opportunities for people.
Custom coffee
We are using our strengths to not
only further work in our own operations.
Bath Tub
We aim to use our strengths and cooperate with others to transform the systems on which we all rely.

Discover a hotel features in a new path of city.

Finally, it all comes down to people. Creating a winning team and self-sustaining culture takes difficult work, and there is no substitute for it.
Going forward with us.

Clients reviews.

Mr. Gautam
Clean & Comfortable Hotel with Nice Location
We two couples stayed in Hotel, Check-in was fast and easy. Rooms were spacious. Bathroom had latest bath fittings looks like a 4-star property. Staff was friendly and helpful.

We support programs that create
advancement opportunities for people.

9 Shuhul, Rajbagh, Near Rajbagh Post Office, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190008
Open: 24X7
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88 999 80 777
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